Are you a Leg or a Breast person?

Grace: “A leg or a breast?”

Cary: “You make the choice.”

Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in To catch a thief

I went to lunch with a friend of mine a good while ago at a place where chicken is the specialty. It went down like this:

Friend looking at the menu: “Any suggestions?”

Me: “Depends…are you a leg or a breast person?”

Friend: “Are we still talking about chicken?”

Me: “Well, yes but we can talk about the chicks too…”

Friend: “Well then ladies first.”

Me: “Coward! Since you insist I usually go for legs…You?”

Friend: “Breast.”

Me: “Chicks or chicken?”

Friend: “Both.”

Since I am small breasted, I always take it personal when someone, particularly a man choose breasts over legs. I literally feel like dragging them to a court of Justice and demand reparation😉

A few days after, I tried to trap my husband with the same question.

Me: “Honey, When it comes to chicken, are you a leg or a breast person?”

Hubby: “I have no preference.”

Me: “Really?”

Hubby: “Really.” (The answer was so sharp and final, you could almost hear the period at the end.)

Me: “How come you always get the chicken breast then?”

Hubby: “Because I know how much you like the leg so I prefer to leave it to you, honey.”

Now see what he’s done…I can’t insist without sounding like a triple snake looking for trouble…

Me: “Ok, that was for the chicken. What about the chicks?”

Hubby: “Same”.

Damn! The man is smart! It’s nearly impossible to trap him. Not only did he not fall into the trap, I left feeling even more cherished and loved. Like I said, I married my soulmate……

What about you dear readers? Are you a leg or a breast person? Chicken or otherwise😉







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