I believe I was with dear husband when it happened…this episode will forever be inked in my memory…

I had been in the market for one of those long flowy and super elegant dresses. And yes, I am completely aware that I am using the same type of vocabulary one would use for a more serious purchase such as a house or car. I mean owning such dress would automatically qualify me for afternoon tea with the Gatsby’s. In fact I could already see myself lying on a chaise longue…sipping tea…and looking stylishly hungry from staring at all the pastries and not being able to grab one less I stop breathing altogether. Did I mention that I was a daydreamer…give me five minutes alone by a window and I can make myself believe I am the queen of England 🙂

So one day while mindlessly doing some window shopping with my very stressed and on-edge husband…he is starting to know me and my ‘’process’’. After close to 3 years of being together he knows that I never really plan on buying anything when all of a sudden I am carrying a bag full of clothes that I absolutely need and he is helping me pay because well… I don’t have enough. So  like I was saying…I was window shopping and I felt a sudden urge to go into one of the many vintage stores that populates the area. As soon as I set foot inside I immediately proceeded to grab a couple of items, mostly dresses with one in particular with exquisite bicycle motifs,  nipped at the waist….the type that flatters almost every silhouette. Armed with these goodies, I hopped into a changing room…threw myself into the said dress….BIG emotional moment here….THE DRESS fits perfectly…


It was as if there was a dress god and he had chosen me  as his sole representative on earth….

Excited beyond measure…I quickly come out to show dear husband. I May or may have not performed a little dance in the form of a mild twirl. Dear husband takes one look and immediately noticed a tiny tear in the material at the waist…men eh? I guess it is their practical side…anyways I can not even begin to tell you the disappointment. Believe it or not I did not look at dear husband with kindly eyes…before you judge just think how you would feel if you believed you’ve found your soulmate and all your best friend kept doing is pointing out his shortcomings. I almost wish dear husband was not present…because I would have at least had the pleasure of bringing the dress home and experience the pleasure, even brief, of owning it….

Since I am not one to be easily discouraged I rushed to the first sales clerk in view and asked if by any chance they would happen to have a similar dress style in stock. What followed was one of the most painful experiences of my life…she looked at me with absolutely no emotion in her eyes and granted me a resounding “No”. In that moment I regret not being a high-powered lawyer because I am sure I could have made a case for ‘’unemotional customer service’’. I sincerely think that sales clerk making these kind of announcements should go easy on customers and carry, at the very least, a cup of chicken soup…as a show of empathy. 

We left the store and I became mildly depressed for the rest of  the day. My poor husband could not understand. I had to explain myself….

Me: “I think I am having a bad day…”

Hubby: “!!??…Why?”

Me: “You don’t understand…this was THE dress..it only happens once in a lifetime…”

Hubby: “Until the next purchase…”

Me (talking to myself): “You see…I had already formed emotional attachment to the dress…..”

Hubby: “But you were only in there for a couple of minutes plus you had other items with you…”

Me: “You know what? I don’t know why I insist on explaining these things to you…”

But I am quite sure, you dear reader, could easily understand…it might not have happened with a dress but I am quite certain we’ve all lived through something like this…It would greatly comfort me to hear some of your stories as this would reassure me that I am a normal person….after all….:)



  1. Ida Auclond 21 May 2017 / 21 09 33 05335

    Oh, I can SOOOO relate! I had been shopping for furniture for our living room, and my tastes clash with the current fashion. To me, everything looks the same in furniture stores these days: contemporary, contemporary, contemporary. Oh, and more contemporary. Tough luck, I prefer the rustic style.

    Still, I managed to find one set that looked rustic enough and was made of wood. We went to see it, asked for the price and colour options, then came back home to think about it. When we talked about it to a friend, he said we should wait for some event so we’d have a chance to win a million dollars, so we did. What I didn’t know was that said even was months later and when we went back to buy it… the whole set was discontinued.

    I cry my eyes out. It was last February, shortly after the terrorist attack in Sainte-Foy *and* darling’s car accident *and* I was unemployed *and* I was stressed, so I guess it wasn’t surprising, but… I’m still somewhat bitter about it. I too was almost angry at the clerk, even though she saw just how disappointed I was and showed sympathy.

    It wasn’t that I loved the set so much, it was more like: I’d have to spend hours shopping for furniture again and that’s not something I enjoy particularly. What’s more, that would further delay the moment when my living room would finally look half decent and not like a huge mess even after I’ve cleaned it.

    I still haven’t found a new set, BUT… I’ve found pretty interesting *plans* to make my own wooden furniture. And my father lives nearby so I’m sure I could get him to “coach” me, at least on how to use a circular saw and other dangerous tools. It might take some time to make the whole set, especially since it’ll include some beginner projects because I’ve never used a saw or a drill in my life, but… I’m sure it’ll be interesting. Besides, I’m sure the skills I’ll learn will be most useful for a homeowner.

    Nice post, keep it up! ^_^


    • fduplessy 22 May 2017 / 5 05 01 05015

      Oh how I understand you! I love looking at interior decor magazines but when it comes to actually physically shopping for furniture I get so impatient and tires out quickly. I’d love to see some of the project with your father when you ‘re able to show it, I am sure it’ ll be great! Thank you for the sweet words 🙂

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