The last time I went shopping for “new essentials” meaning things that I must absolutely get less I die or suffer immediate status loss or social suicide based on the reputation built in my head outside of any proof in my real life kind of thing…I bought let’s just say an impressive amount of stuff at Target. These were so essential that at this point it wasn’t even considered a “shopping spree”. For about two months before the whole episode, my poor husband has heard me complain endlessly about “what am I going to wear to work now” and statements like “I have nothing to wear”.

Naturally with that in mind, as soon as we got home (it was a Sunday) husband proposed to sort them out and do laundry so I can wear them on Monday.

Me: (A bit annoyed) “Don’t worry about it honey”, I’ll do it (meaning: stay out of this). Unable to realize that he was in dangerous territory, he insisted. After some back and forth I finally gave up and let him do it. Well, I thought to myself at least they’ll be ready when I am ready to wear them. Then the next morning I am getting ready to go to work:

Hubby: “Cool so which one of your newly-bought stuff you’re goanna wear?”

Me: “None of them, I said while grabbing something I said that I was tired of wearing, which is the reason I went shopping in the first place…

Hubby: “I thought you said you were tired of wearing these?” The look on his face will forever be inked in my memory and haunt me to this day.

Me: “Well, I don’t know It just makes sense for me to wear them today”, I replied carefully choosing my words.

Hubby: ????!!!!…… !!…. ????….I think if he was a computer, his whole system would have crashed right about this point…(crash and burn sound)

Me: ???!!! feeling misunderstood and under scrutiny

Hubby: “But why not wear the new ones?”

Me: “It would not feel right to wear them now…my gut tells me otherwise…”

Hubby: “But you bought them because you said you had nothing to wear to go to work”?

Me (Feeling cornered and misunderstood): “The moment has to be right okay? And this moment does not feel right…I have to be in the corresponding mood….never mind you can’t understand.”

You see the problem with husbands is that there are certain stuff that they will never understand. Now this stuff may be different from one couple to another but this truth remains. What he doesn’t understand is that it is just like having sex really… in the process of having sex there naturally comes a moment when you feel close to the end and you pace yourself because well, you don’t want it to end…you want to prolongs the pleasure although for early morning sex I tend to take an entirely different approach(well, I need some time left for makeup:). If I buy them and wear them right after, the whole experience is lost….it is over with quickly…buying them and setting them aside for a few days or months (sometimes I forget about them depending on the amount) just prolongs the whole shopping experience.

At this point, my poor husband just left the room after that explanation and also I am afraid to think that he might have finally realized that something was wrong. One of the things that get to me when I go shopping with my husband is the whole researching, price comparing, and countless questionings of friends and sales clerk. He simply turns the whole thing into a math homework. But I guess this is also something I will never understand…but then again he buys electronics and I buy clothes although recently my habits have changed and in my next post I’ll talk about a book that changed my life forever.

What about you guys what are the funny things that you and your husbands can’t seem to agree upon? I’d love to hear them! Talk to you next week…hopefully:)


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