Ghost buster reloaded


I am going to be frank with you here…I feel a bit self-conscious while taking this picture of my husband. I could easily imagine what the neighbors were saying: (They clean their yard for once and they turn it into a photo shoot! Wait till they have to shovel the snow in the driveway, they’re gonna ask for a medal). For my defense it was my husband’s idea. Besides even cleaning your yard turns into a celebration when you don’t do it often.

This picture happened after literally 2 months of back and forth between the two of us about who would clean the backyard and how. Ahhh… the joy of being a new home owner. Now that our first year as a homeowner has given me some insight and turn me into a humble little person (Which is quite a big feat) I can look at our experience in renting almost fondly considering the calls we used to place to our concierge demanding stuff be repaired within a reasonable delay…two weeks top . I used to get so offended when it would take him more than 48 hours to return our call.

One of the things that made us buy the house was the trees, among other things, 5 or six to be precise. So this past summer we couldn’t shut up about the wonders of having big trees in the backyard whenever friends  and family would come to visit. When Fall came, we did not shut up either with comments like: “Look honey it is Fall, the leaves are falling down, isn’t it beautiful?” And then we’d kiss, happy and comforted in the idea that, well, for first time home owners we didn’t do that bad. We passed with flying colors! While we were kissing and patting ourselves in the back, the leaves kept on falling until well, Halloween came. Needless to say that for Halloween we naturally went for the abandoned house theme.


Actually, for Halloween, all we had to was add one evil-smile pumpkin head and it looked perfect. But then things started getting out of hand. We were now walking on a leave mattress. Ant that’s when the most pitiful back and forth of who’s doing what ever seen started between me and hubby.

Me: “We need to get rid of those leaves. Maybe we should call a company or something.

Do you want to do it honey?”

Hubby: “sure, I’ll do it tomorrow.”


Me: “Honey what did the company for the leaves say?”

Hubby: “Sorry, I forgot”

Me : “Fine, if you forget again tomorrow call me and I’ll do it”

Hubby:”???!!! How can I call you to remind you if I forget?”

Me: “You’re the head of the household, how can you forget?”

Hubby: “hmm…let’s see…maybe because I do everything in this house”

Me: “Sweetie doing chores around the house is a man’s job.”

Hubby: “Really? Then what about cooking and laundry? Aren’t those a woman’s job? What about women’ freedom movement?”

Me (realizing I wasn’t going to win this round and backpedaling): “Well, honey why argue about this? We’re in love. Isn’t that the most important?”

That Saturday my dear husband picked up 28 bags of leaves from the front yard. The neighbor must have took pity on him because he came to help. You must be wondering where I was? Well, I was at a photography class (there is a God for lazy people) which is why I couldn’t help:) We still have the backyard…hopefully it’ll start snowing and we’ll get to do it next year:)

After filling up 28 bags of leaves my husband did inquire, although casually, about cutting some of the trees only to get answered by the neighbor that we needed special permission from the city since it may change the landscape of the neighborhood!!?? I truly understand…if I had to gather 28 bags, I’d probably do the same thing….

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