Here I am with a second installment of wedding advice. This time, I am talking about makeup!!!

Now for my wedding, I had many looks in mind. But being a true Libra, I couldn’t make up my mind as to which one I wanted to settle for. I only knew that I wanted people to recognize me, more specifically the groom. This means, I wanted to look as natural as possible, except that I ended up looking too natural, in my opinion. You know, like I was just going for a walk in the park. Although I did love the look we went for, I would have wanted for my lips to be more accentuated and the smokey eyes, a tiny bit more dramatic.  Never mind I decided one day before the wedding that I wanted to look exactly like Brigitte Bardot 🙂

So for your wedding, if you have not decided on a makeup look yet, remember that natural is always in style. But also keep in mind that you’re not going to walk the dog either. My advice is to accentuate your best features and take it up a notch for a late evening wedding by picking brighter colors in the same palette you would normally pick for a day wedding. You can never go wrong with a smokey eye and understated lips done according to your features. Build your makeup around something you know and love and that suits you. For example, a beloved lipstick or eye shadow and use it as a stepping stone by adding dramatic eyes, lips or accessories, etc.

Naturally, after having endured an exceedingly high amount of stress, the temptation to relax and let go, once you get into that makeup chair, is very strong. Don’t, I beg of you. Or, you’ll wake up looking like a Chinese dragon 🙂 Naturally that does not apply if it is a makeup artist you have worked with in the past. As for myself, I arrived with a picture of the Brigitte Bardot type of look I wanted. She agreed. Yet the makeup was nothing like it. So check the makeup as it is being applied. I did not exactly leave that chair looking like Brigitte Bardot, but I thank God that I did not look like a Chinese dragon either.

DISCLAIMER: I am fully aware that looking like Brigitte Bardot on such short notice is a tall order but I am a self-centered optimistic little person, okay? Don’t judge 🙂

Now, for the faux lashes, I believe being a reasonable person, I would have certainly appreciated being given the choice between a varied selection of faux eyelashes. Instead, she just hanged two gigantic faux eyelashes down my eyelids. When I complained that I would like to see on my wedding day, she replied with a meek:“you won’t feel it in a couple of hours’’. I seriously felt like I had two giant bats hanging down my eyelids. But the good news is, I think I might have stumbled upon a natural sleeping pill: just hang two giant faux eyelashes down your eyelids and voila! You won’t be able to keep your eyes open even if they paid you to! Mind you, she was right because once things started rolling I could have had two monkeys hanging down my eyelids and I wouldn’t have noticed either! I was so stressed!

I would also recommend getting the makeup artist to come to your place. This way if you don’t like the makeup, well, they will never see the light of day again (just kidding, lol). But seriously though that way you can be an annoying control freak and they won’t be able to point to their next client as a way of getting rid of you (That’s what mine did to me). They may charge you more but it is worth it. You could also go to a makeup counter and find a young person which makeup you always like, tell them how much you’ve been admiring their different makeup looks and ask them if they would be willing to take up a side job. Tell them it is for a special occasion like your birthday or some similar type of even. The minute you mention wedding, prices magically go up, voices go down and you’re no longer considered an innocent customer, you’ve now graduated to cash cow! I would also advice trying out the look you want days before the wedding under different type of lights and angles. And it’s perfectly okay to give the makeup artist some guidelines because you know your skin and your features better than anyone. I noticed in my pictures that she gave me more of a pink undertone than my golden one, which makes me look more like a warm corpse. Don’t be afraid to be a bitch if you don’t like it. If anything, people will think it is because of the wedding and not your normal behavior. Except, of course, for those who know you as a cauldron stirring, broom ridding full time bitch witch 🙂

Remember also that you’re most likely going to be an emotional mess that day so if you don’t want to end up looking like a like a raccoon take the necessary measures and avoid certain looks. I didn’t cry, first of all because I did not want to look like a raccoon and second of all because well, I am a robot (At least that’s what my husband says). If I am honest, I would also admit that I did most of my crying, Greek tragedy style, in the three months leading up to the wedding. We’ll talk about that too, later)  So the main point is not, I repeat, it is not about showing emotion, it is about looking as good as possible for as long as possible :). Besides, the very thought of the photographer flashing away turned my heart into stone.

My main point is to be vigilant or you’ll look like something that can’t be named 🙂

A BIG THANKS to anyone who took the time to comment, like or both. I truly appreciate it, being a new blogger. Sending love to all my new subscribers! Talk next week about THE MELTDOWNS…!

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