Be kind to everyone…

Years ago I read this quote somewhere:

“Be kind to everyone you meet for they may be fighting a battle..

I always try to keep that in mind in my personal contact with people as you may never know how much of an impact your word or act of kindness may have on someone. Now that is not always easy as we are all human and therefore imperfect. Most often, when faced with extremely agressive people, the common reflex is to naturally double our own aggressiveness. I have been guilty of that as well but as get to know myself, I have come to realize that this is not who I want to be.

It is clear that there is no excuse for being unkind or simply plain mean but in my experience the person guilty of such behavior is usually suffering more than you know and being unkind or mean may simply be an expression of their pain. Personally I always try not to take things personally…but then again we each have their own way of dealing with things.

So, at the risk of sounding like a reincarnation of mother Theresa, Be Kind…if not, well, you’re only human!

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