Better late than never! Mieux vaut tard que jamais!

At the risk of sounding cliché: ”Just Do it”. I used to be so annoyed when people would tell me this type of stuff. It is like okay I get it, you wear Nike and you listen to Tony Robbins a lot (Which incidentally I have been doing a lot too recently) and you need a subject! But now that I am older and hopefully wiser (If only one could get one without the other) I am proud to say that I know better (Oui, nous sommes des gens qui savent!). 
Well, let me confess something to you I have been meaning to start a blog for a while now, actually 5 years to be precise. I have watched blogs I used to follow and still do blossom into wonderful life sharing experiences while I was seating by the sidelines, nicely dressed, thinking of how great it would be for me to have a blog and have thousands of followers my first week! 
Naturally there was always a reason why I could not start now because well, I needed to first lose 10 pds to look better in the pictures, have a better hair cut, live in a more artistic neighborhood (for the pictures, you know), come to terms with my height ( I always wish I was taller!), wait for my niece to move to Montreal to take the pictures for me (while she never expressed any willingness to do so!) or better yet wait for my future husband to give me a stable home so I can focus on my artistic passion! And the list goes on! Actually the husband did come. More on that later.
In fact, I would like to think my dear future husband for this very post because he gave me the kick in the butt that was painful but necessary. 
He actually did more than that, he created the blog, opened up a blank page and said I want a blog post tonight before 8:00 pm. I tried to push it back for Midnight and he said NO.
The point is…in case you are wondering…JUST DO IT! 

5 thoughts on “Better late than never! Mieux vaut tard que jamais!

  1. Claudia Naud 31 July 2016 / 23 11 38 07387

    You took one more step than I did. ^_^ I’m still wondering what I could blog about. XD


  2. djiney 23 May 2016 / 4 04 12 05125

    Yes your finally online, way to go 😀😀👍


  3. Jerome 11 May 2016 / 14 02 51 05515

    You did it… And you did it great… Nice post!


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