Gaining weight may be a good thing for your relationship!


Eight months after moving in with my now future husband, I started gaining weight slowly. I mentioned this to a few of my colleagues at work and suddenly one of my male colleagues approached me, grabbed my hands and said:

  • Congratulations! You’re set! You are officially a couple now!
  • I took a brief moment to question his sanity than I said: Well, Clark, we’ve been together for some time now, so we are already a REAL couple.
  • Yes, he said, but now you guys are starting to relax in the relationship; you know you’re not going anywhere so…you’re getting fat!
  • Oh, I said shocked. It is interesting…well….
  • Just make sure you’re not the only one gaining weight though, he continued.
  • Oh! Ok…what will happen if I am the only one to gain weight?
  • Well, you may have to update your profile on E-Harmony and ok Cupid!
  • But what if he refused to gain weight?
  • Then you have to force-feed him like they do the ducks to get foie gras, he said jokingly.

We all started laughing! Needless to say that I was on a mission, the next morning, bright and early me and my boyfriend miraculously found ourselves standing in front of the scale so we had no choice but to weigh ourselves. Low and behold! Not only had he gained weight but he also gained a tiny bit more than me. Which I immediately interpreted as a sign of not only his undying devotion but also a sizable wedding ring in my future.

Everything is a question of perspective! All of a sudden instead of thinking fat, I was thinking wedding ring!

Have you guys experienced a similar thing during your relationship?  Please share!

Prendre du poids peut être une bonne chose pour votre couple!

Huit mois après avoir emménagé avec mon copain, j’étais au travail et je papotais avec un de mes collègues et j’ai mentionné qu’il fallait que je me mette au régime car moi et mon copain on avait commencé à prendre du poids. Soudain, un de mes collègues masculins d’un certain âge s’est brusquement retourné et m’a fait la remarque suivante :

  • Félicitations ! vous êtes maintenant un VRAI couple !
  • Ah bon! j’ai répondu. Mais Clark (nom fictif) je lui ai dit en le regardant avec un regard de commisération comme pour quelqu’un souffrant de grosse fièvre, Ca fait presque un an qu’on est un couple, maintenant.
  • Vous avez commencé à prendre du poids quand dans le couple ? répondit-il sans flancher
  • Euh, il y a peut être 3 mois lui répondis-je intriguée.
  • La relation est donc devenue sérieuse! c’est une étape nécessaire. Cela prouve que vous n’avez aucune intention d’aller voir ailleurs par conséquent, vous laisser pousser la bedaine.
  • Ah ! ai-je répondu un peu choquée. Dans ce cas, je peux commencer à m’hydrater les phalanges en prévision de la bague qui ne tardera point ?
  • Assure toi juste que lui aussi a pris au moins autant de poids que toi, sinon plus.
  • Euh, Ok, sinon qu’est ce que je fais s’il refuse de prendre du poids, lui ai-je demandé ?
  • Ben tu commences à le nourrir de force comme on fait avec les oies pour le foie gras !

Et on a tous éclaté de rire. Je pense que l’idée n’est pas bête considérant que cela faisait plus de 20 ans que le collègue en question était marié et qu’il avait même des petits enfants!

Suite à la conversation, le lendemain, sitôt le soleil levé, sous un prétexte bizarre et par un grand hasard de circonstances, on s’est moi et mon copain, tous les deux retrouvés sur la balance a tout de rôle et miracle (merci mon dieu) !  Mon copain avait non seulement pris du poids mais il en avait pris un tout petit peu plus que moi (étant homme il perd beaucoup plus rapidement aussi mais bon a win is a win!).

Du coup, j’ai relaxé…j’ai tellement relaxé que 30 livres plus tard je suis  maintenant en train de pédaler comme un rat de laboratoire pour m’en débarrasser à l’approche imminent du mariage.

Avez-vous vécu quelque chose de similaire dans votre relation ? Ou trouvez-vous que l’idée est tout simplement bête?

Why I shop at IKEA?


Hi, I am going to be frank with you, I only shop at IKEA for the meatballs. Yes of course I go there for the furniture too….

If IKEA did not have that meatballs, mashed potatoes and jam on their menu, I don’t know what I would do…it enhances the shopping experience and make you buy…more.  Which makes me think that a full belly and a credit card plus comfortable chairs may be a dangerous combination.

Personally when my belly is full every single chair is comfortable, the lights are cool, the beds are inviting. Which would explain why we always seem to spend more at IKEA despite our best intentions to just go and take a look…

What about you? Why do you shop at IKEA?

Pourquoi je vais à IKEA ?

Bonjour…J’ai un secret…j’adore les boulettes de viande à IKEA. C’est peut-être pour cela que je magasine là-bas. Honnêtement je ne sais pas ce je ferais sans le fameux plat de boulettes de viande, purée de pomme de terre et confiture que ces gens ont l’intelligence de servir.

Je pense que cela ajoute à l’expérience shopping. Cela met de bonne humeur, cela délie la langue et aussi… le cordon de la bourse, pour le meilleur et pour le pire. Quand on a la bedaine lourde, tous les fauteuils deviennent confortables et on sort la carte de crédit sans même y penser.

Et vous, pourquoi magasinez-vous à IKEA ?

Be kind to everyone…

Years ago I read this quote somewhere:

“Be kind to everyone you meet for they may be fighting a battle..

I always try to keep that in mind in my personal contact with people as you may never know how much of an impact your word or act of kindness may have on someone. Now that is not always easy as we are all human and therefore imperfect. Most often, when faced with extremely agressive people, the common reflex is to naturally double our own aggressiveness. I have been guilty of that as well but as get to know myself, I have come to realize that this is not who I want to be.

It is clear that there is no excuse for being unkind or simply plain mean but in my experience the person guilty of such behavior is usually suffering more than you know and being unkind or mean may simply be an expression of their pain. Personally I always try not to take things personally…but then again we each have their own way of dealing with things.

So, at the risk of sounding like a reincarnation of mother Theresa, Be Kind…if not, well, you’re only human!

Better late than never! Mieux vaut tard que jamais!

At the risk of sounding cliché: ”Just Do it”. I used to be so annoyed when people would tell me this type of stuff. It is like okay I get it, you wear Nike and you listen to Tony Robbins a lot (Which incidentally I have been doing a lot too recently) and you need a subject! But now that I am older and hopefully wiser (If only one could get one without the other) I am proud to say that I know better (Oui, nous sommes des gens qui savent!). 
Well, let me confess something to you I have been meaning to start a blog for a while now, actually 5 years to be precise. I have watched blogs I used to follow and still do blossom into wonderful life sharing experiences while I was seating by the sidelines, nicely dressed, thinking of how great it would be for me to have a blog and have thousands of followers my first week! 
Naturally there was always a reason why I could not start now because well, I needed to first lose 10 pds to look better in the pictures, have a better hair cut, live in a more artistic neighborhood (for the pictures, you know), come to terms with my height ( I always wish I was taller!), wait for my niece to move to Montreal to take the pictures for me (while she never expressed any willingness to do so!) or better yet wait for my future husband to give me a stable home so I can focus on my artistic passion! And the list goes on! Actually the husband did come. More on that later.
In fact, I would like to think my dear future husband for this very post because he gave me the kick in the butt that was painful but necessary. 
He actually did more than that, he created the blog, opened up a blank page and said I want a blog post tonight before 8:00 pm. I tried to push it back for Midnight and he said NO.
The point is…in case you are wondering…JUST DO IT!